Migrations for the Non-Techie | Integrateideas Digital Agency

A compelling job of teams which build web applications is to consider and build the database design. In an ideal world, clients know exactly what they want down to the T, requirements are defined and locked up, and the key thrown away in the ocean. The development team analyzes the requirements, drafts up the [...]

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Investing in SEO | Wireframe Sketcher

One of the applications we use on a fairly regular basis here at Integrateideas is the Wireframe Sketcher tool. It’s a fantastic way to show stakeholders a sneak peak at how a software user interface is going to look without completely distracting anyone at the minor details. […]

Telling all of your friends you’re number 1 on google for the word “Orthodontist” is like this guy choosing all drivers, no irons. Your SEO plan should include a diverse set of keyword combinations, not just the main ones you’ve heard the most about. […]

Ranking? Paid vs. Organic Ranking First you need to know the difference between an organic ranking and paid advertising.  Both allow you to get to the “top of Google,” however with paid advertising you lose your ranking the second you stop paying to be in that spot.  Also, in paid [...]

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