| Technology is the easy part.

Technology solutions are not just purchased.  They are deployed to make complex problems easier to solve.

At Integrateideas, we combine entrepreneurial thinking, technological expertise and a deep understanding of applying business processes, with our team’s experience, to get to the simplified solutions that work for you and your customers.

Come See How We Have Consulted Our Clients To Deploy Technology.

Every business has to deal with the digital revolution, so you are definitely not alone.  We know what it is like.  You need to run your business so you are looking for a team with experience to offer solutions that anyone in the company can implement.  Let us show you how we have helped solve real world problems for our clients.

Our Work

Come See How We Have Developed Companies From Our Own Ideas.

Every entrepreneur has to figure out how to best leverage its resources.  We have trained world class talent that we do not mind sharing when they are not working on making our own portfolio companies successful.  If you are looking to get answers to your real world problems from other successful business owners and managers, you have come to the right place.

Our Portfolio

We are entrepreneurs. |

Technology products are not companies.  They are built to make complex problems easier to solve.

At Integrateideas, we leverage our experience as seasoned entrepreneurs to apply an approach not dissimilar to the way we run our own product and service companies.  We split our time between our portfolio companies and clients’ companies to help you skip the research.

We design communities.

Entrepreneurs and community leaders are not for hire.  They find ways to creatively partner with teammates to make complex problems easier to solve, together.

At Integrateideas, we develop communities that match your ideal future with the realities of today.  For our own companies, we have focused on building products and services for the people that matter most to our core values.  We will help you do the same.

Come See How We Have Designed Our Own Communities.

Every entrepreneur and business innovator has to deal with limited experience in one or more of the areas in their next chapter.  Combine our programming and advisory board with your passion and industry expertise, and you have a powerful leg up on your competition.  With limited time, our program will accelerate you to your next milestone.

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