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Come Use Our Whiteboard

We will refine your idea into a product that everyone in your market wants.

Our team begins every project with a competitive analysis, a whiteboard, and an initial stakeholder that deeply understands the problem we are trying to solve.  That initial stakeholder has typically spent 10+ years as a leader in that industry.

We believe a strong industry leader can significantly reduce the risk of capital invested in developing the project. 


Let Us Help You Find Your Dream Team

You can look to us to staff your company with a lean team of experts.

Our company is made up of teams of individuals that have strived beyond their undergraduate degrees to get masters degrees and PhDs in everything from software engineering and architecture, marketing, finance, human relations, to running successful startups.  Each of us have been where you have been, no matter what phase you are working in.

We welcome startups, middle market businesses and enterprise companies as partners and clients.

Let Us Help You Earn A Huge Return On Your Investment

We offer you options when getting started with our company.

If we find your idea or existing company a good investment for our team, we will offer you options.  Performance, maintenance, and partnership contracts are our way of showing you we will put our money where our mouth is.

We want to grow with you and you will grow because we stake our reputation on it.

Come meet us at our office in Charlotte, North Carolina

Let’s chat about your idea