I’m such a nut over catch phrases and attitude adjusting quotes. When they hit me in a certain mood it can totally change my perspective on the entire week, month or even year! The one I’m about to show you later on in this post is just an example of a time when I wasn’t looking for one, needed motivation and found it unintentionally by staying active in my blog participation.

One of my good friends and I had an idea a couple years back. We wanted to figure out a way to monetize Twitter, without ads. We wanted to create a premium way of accessing the personal and private tweets from important people in business, non-profits and celebrities. Even though the idea was awesome, it was an uphill battle from day 1. Twitter was getting ready to go public and companies approaching their IPO are more hesitant to allow smaller fish to access their programming interface (API) if it created more risk for their investors.

We wanted to find influential people from day 1 that could not only participate but also offer great feedback. After lots of rejected phone calls and emails, one guy wrote back: Guy Kawasaki. Although that business idea didn’t amount to everything, I’ll always remember Guy.

If you haven’t done it yet and you’re considering (or want to one day) starting a small business, you should check out a book he’s written called “The Art of the Start.” Also, if you’re looking for a teaser to get interested, you can read a teaser of the full book on a pdf here.

The magical quote that hit home for me was:

If your organization never existed, the world would be worse off because _________________________.

You may take a minute to actually think through your answer or ponder what new business you want to start that could fill that empty line but I was really proud to say that BuzzyDoc provided my brain with an answer that I couldn’t wait to say out loud, with a little tweak.

If BuzzyDoc never existed, the US would be worse off because the it would continue setting a poor example by spending close to $3 trillion on healthcare every year.

Preventative healthcare is our company’s mantra and we feel like it’s bigger than any one software project we belong to. That’s powerful stuff! I could go on and tell you more about the specifics behind BuzzyDoc, because I help run it, but the most important thing to remember is that no one person builds a $100 million dollar company. It takes a team, and that team needs to believe in what your company stands for. Guy is a fantastic example of that purpose…I mean his Twitter handle is shadowed by something bigger than his name alone could ever stand for.

Mantra: I empower people.


There are always ideas that pop into our heads to make a little money, grab some fame or celebrity but the ones that give us the most purpose in life stand for something greater than the average small business can ever truly achieve before they are hopefully bought out or merged into something else. However, in the meantime, a great mantra can be the difference between your team working 40 hours and 80 hours per week.