Do you stand out from the pack? Is being unique an important part of your business plan? Think of some of the ways the biggest brands in the world AND the small successes in your hometown brand themselves. If you had to describe what makes their business special to someone that had never heard of them, how would you describe them? If you take a hard enough look around, you’ll realize why unique brands close more deals, here are a few reasons I’ve seen.

That Good Feeling

The best brands are unique for multiple reasons but the top reason they’ve got you wrapped around their finger is because of their grip on emotional branding. We can’t help it, we’re social creatures. The majority of us do the bulk of our decision making around the fact that we want to feel like we are a part of something bigger. If your brand has the ability to connect with your customers in a way that produces a good emotional feeling, you’ll see sales roll in.

Just recently a new restaurant opened in Charlotte called Viva Chicken. It’s a Peruvian restaurant and it’s known for it’s convenience and great food, however, those are not the reasons the owner is having huge success and opening his second location in less than 10 months. He’s having a ton of success because the first year he was in business he spent the majority of his time shaking hands, giving hugs and thanking every single person that walked through his doors. His staff did the same thing. Whenever I mention this place to friends and family, they all mention the personal relationship they have with the owner. They feel like going to Viva Chicken more often is helping the “cause,” and that is driving people to send referrals left and right. Food was an important part of the referral flow but people went because of this restauranteur’s unique personality.

Give Back To Your Customers

If I were to ask, “Where do you invest your money,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Real Estate? 401k? Anything that makes you more money tomorrow than what you have today is a good idea, however, the best way to make more money is by reinvesting in the customers you already have in your business. These are the people most likely to send you more business. They’ve already decided you were a good choice and those are the ones that help build consistent, residual (repeat) revenue in your business. Operating income is always better than investment income, unless you’re divesting from your business.

I run a company called BuzzyDoc that focuses on creating ways to help doctors stand out from the pack. I work with them to use our software to incentivize better patient behavior by paying their patients for healthy activities. It doesn’t matter exactly how they do it since every time they give something back, the patient feels like the doctor is thanking them for their business. The more often you do it, the more likely you’re going to stay on their minds when they’re about to make a referral to a friend or colleague.


You have lots of options on how to build a book of business but think about the successful businesses you’ve stayed loyal to in the past. Was it their product that drove you in or was it that special something that made them unique? If you have the choice, make that unique quality that differentiates your business something that you’re proud of.