Have you had your Aha! moment? If you’re human, you’re probably going to have a lot of these throughout your life and you may have already had a few pass you by. This time, however, it seems so easy…just create the business name, make the product, start taking orders right? Not so fast… Missing one piece while trying to execute your first deal could cost you big bucks and we all know how difficult the first deal is. Even though patience is brutal, you shouldn’t get started without these tools in your toolbelt if you’re going to want to build a bulletproof company someday.


Go ahead and admit this out loud:
In the same way you want your clients to see you as the best possible option for them, you want to make sure you’ve found the right people to guide you as you get your business started. There is always someone out there that’s done something similar to what you’re planning to do. Most of the time these people don’t mind sharing tricks of the trade, taking a glance at your plans, giving feedback, or jumping in to help you make the first steps. I like to call these experts my mentors. It doesn’t matter if they are younger than you or miss the certain talent you possess, if they have knowledge of something you’ve never done before, you’re going to want them on your team.

A lot of times these mentors don’t want anything in return except the appreciation for their specialty. You could always offer an equity stake for them to take an interest in what you’re doing but most of the time a coffee or lunch will do. Do you know anyone in your community, 9-5 job, on your soccer team, or anywhere that could add expertise to your team? Ask them to meet up sometime and run through your plan out loud to see if you’re doing it the way they would do it. You never know what kind of shortcuts they’ll share.


Whether you’re using a website like Integrateideas or the blog for another company/person you like, gathering a set of resources to rely on is another great way to skip the trial and error process. Most everything you need these days has a how to article written already and remain free to anyone that wants to use it. You may want to bookmark all of the sites you want to use as resources with titles as the reason you rely on it (like web design, SEO, accounting, payroll, etc..) so you can easily access them when you need them.

A Vision On How To Emulate Success

Not only do you need a few similar companies to learn from, you should mesh them all together and form a template for your company’s success. Not only is someone somewhere smarter than you, but someone is already succeeding at something similar to what you’re doing. That company has a name, a website, a brand, marketing material and everything else you need to copy in order for your company to become successful. You don’t need to be an exact duplicate so figure out how to make your stuff unique, however, it doesn’t hurt to use anything they’ve left publicly available as your template. As you emulate success, you might just find yourself having success faster than you would have on your own.