One of the applications we use on a fairly regular basis here at Integrateideas is the Wireframe Sketcher tool. It’s a fantastic way to show stakeholders a sneak peak at how a software user interface is going to look without completely distracting anyone at the minor details.

The idea to create WireframeSketcher came to the creator, Peter, during his time as a software developer. Explaining ideas before they are built is tough! Peter would end up drawing things on scraps of paper or on a blackboard…or worse, creating something custom in photoshop or illustrator (like me). Since most developers lack a lot of the much needed drawing talent, communication can quickly become frustrating. There has to be another way…he said. Well, it proved to be a little harder than he thought but sometimes being naive can be a good thing 🙂 because the application is fantastic now.

The first version of WireframeSketcher was released in 2008 only as a plug-in for Eclipse IDE. Little by little the tool grew and now it’s available both as Eclipse plug-in and a standalone desktop application.

The goal is to make WireframeSketcher the best desktop wireframing tool there is and we are extremely passionate about it. We hope you’ll enjoy using WireframeSketcher as much as we are enjoying building it!

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Back to Wireframe Sketcher 🙂

A lot of applications are being built on browsers these days. I’m not the old school junkie that needs to buy all of his books in paper form instead of kindle or something similar, but I am appreciative of the on-prem version this software company has developed. It’s massively helpful to have an easy to use platform to manipulate wireframes and sketches. It’s also helpful to share the .screen files with people on the team and even though it’s not cloud-based, it’s a rather simple way to share a digital files and allows my team to work remote and still get just as much done.

I’d also recommend for anyone that uses this program to consider buying it right away, however, if you want time to see how it works just download the trial version first.

Thanks for reading my review of Wireframe Sketcher!