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As a founding partner and CEO to Integrateideas, David is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping people succeed in the earliest, riskiest part of their business development journey. Having helped startups in technology, healthcare, ecommerce and more, David has developed an operational expertise in getting small businesses to create a positive cashflow. David is also a founding partner of BuzzyDoc.com, LevineHearing.com and several other startups. Learn more at https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidlevine19.

The Benefits of Integrating a Software Development Partner

When it comes to exploring software outsourcing options cost reduction is usually listed as the main motivation.  However, a software development partner can provide numerous benefits that many people remain unaware of.  Listed below are some of the essential benefits a software development partner can provide.   Focus on the core business Working with [...]

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Point in Time Count | Charlotte, NC Fights Homelessness with an App

I am extremely proud to be a part of the Point In Time Count here in Charlotte.  This is the 4th year I have participated and each year I led a group.  I am always so impressed with the love each of my teammates have for their community.  For those of you that are [...]

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RevMax Bike Challenge with the CMPD Explorers Reaches Record Success!

A record 1800 needy kids in the Charlotte Mecklenburg area received gifts this holiday season because of the RevMax/CMPD Explorers Christmas Project! Key sponsorship was provided by Integrateideas client, RevMax, a locally owned custom torque converter, transmission and high performance auto part manufacturer. RevMax returned for the second consecutive year to boost their contribution [...]

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Orthodontics SEO Strategy – Part 2 Ranking

Ranking? Paid vs. Organic Ranking First you need to know the difference between an organic ranking and paid advertising.  Both allow you to get to the “top of Google,” however with paid advertising you lose your ranking the second you stop paying to be in that spot.  Also, in paid advertising you [...]

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Orthodontics SEO Strategy

Whether you’re in orthodontics or not, this will be a helpful article for you…however, I do most of my software development for independent healthcare businesses and wanted to create this for the majority of my clients that had similar questions.  Orthodontics SEO Strategy is not an easy topic to cover since there [...]

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Network Outside Your Industry First

Networking outside your industry may allow you to corner your next client… Does it seem difficult to get meetings when everyone knows exactly what you’re looking for? Your boss may be recommending you make friends at industry events but it might not be your only option. Most of your contacts are either [...]

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